If you could find a proven way to flourish in the new economy, and be able to reach your financial goals; wouldn’t you want to know how?  As the economy and real estate markets continue to evolve, more and more people are faced with unexpected financial challenges, which could be opportunities when equipped with the proper knowledge.  We are at the forefront of these opportunities and offer you the perspective, guidance and action you need to successfully accomplish your real estate investing goals. Our Investor Concierge Service delivers to you turnkey investments on a silver platter!  Every home is sold before you buy it.  Let us teach you how to create your own note and become the lender instead of the landlord.  It is a proven rubber stamp process that effectively brings you to the doorstep of your investment goals.

What You Get

Education, training and guidance are just a few of the perks you receive when you are a part of our Investor Concierge Service.  Here are some other indisputable reasons and incentives to be an investor:

Return on Investment

Let us teach you how to put your money to work – using arbitrage and compounding.  The more you learn, the more you earn.  Double and triple digit returns are possible, let us be your go-to source for information and the best investment deals.

What We Do for You

We thrive in the ever changing complex world of real estate.  We bring Clients a winning combination of proven experience, education on socially responsible investing and an uncompromising commitment to providing unparalleled service.


What is The Reverse Close?

It is a process whereby we begin with the homebuyer instead of the property.

What are the advantages of your process?

We deliver a turnkey service where the home is sold before you buy it in every case and stay with you until the file is closed.

How much is my cash investment?

Typically, 5-10% down, leveraged transactions.

What kind of return on investment can I expect?

With our program we typically see ROI’s of double or even triple digit returns.

Who does the home buyer pay the mortgage payment to?

We recommend they use a note servicing company which makes it easy for the investor.

What is the risk?

Being a lender is less risky than being a landlord. If the buyer does not pay, you foreclose and sell the house again. Because the buyers are financially and emotionally invested and have strong income, they are likely to pay.

What is required to qualify?

You must have verifiable income, cash reserves and a credit score of 620 or better.

How much verifiable cash do I need?

You need to have at least $10,000 in liquid funds; you can count IRA and 401k as well.

What does HBI service cost me?

Absolutely nothing out of pocket. Contact us today to learn more!
  • HBI is great! Their program has taught me how to invest in real

    estate with great equity and little to no money. I have purchased

    3 homes with zero net cash out of pocket. My monthly net cash

    flow is over $1500. How do you calculate the returns on that?

  • I have purchased two homes using the HBI program. My total

    investment is $8000, which I get back in less than 1 year. I am a

    financial advisor and insurance agent. I know returns when I see

    them. Using arbitrage and the compounding effect of money, my

    returns will be well in excess of 300% ROI.

  • I have closed on 3 properties through HBI and have created over

    $300/mo in passive income. I easily have over $200K in equity in these

    properties. I am glad I found HBI.

  • HBI has made my investment dreams a reality. I am the note holder on two

    homes at this time. I walked away with over 10K in cash and my monthly

    cash flow is $1500/mo. My ROI is well over 300%. I have been a landlord

    for over 30 years. I have replaced air conditioners, carpet, roof, painted

    homes; NO MORE. After being introduced to the HBI program, I am now a

    note holder. After 30 years, HBI has proven to me there is a better way.

    Timothy T
  • As an investor I want predicable, secure returns. I have been able to create

    over $50,000.00 in upfront cash and over $2,000.00 a month in positive cash

    flow, and I still have almost $300,000.00 in equity. There is no program out

    there like the HBI program.

Each member of our united team plays a crucial part in every step on the path towards your success. Our team is highly motivated by work that creates tangible results, and requires a high degree of engagement when it’s time to execute the common vision.
REST assured you are working with a group of highly trained experts in the field who share commonalities when it comes to doing work that aligns with their values and beliefs. The founding principle of our company is the welcoming and driving force behind all that we do. Our dedication to every detail of the transaction through completion is unmatched. We are able to effortlessly translate your aspirations, needs and financial goals into a success story.
 Isn’t it nice to know you have a team of highly dedicated professionals working on your behalf to help make your dreams become your new reality?

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