Income Based

We use income based funding instead of credit based funding. You qualify as long as you make a minimum of $50,000 per year! Get a single digit fixed rate with no prepayment penalty, no balloon and a deed in your name.

No Credit Checks

Because we specialize in income-based funding, we do not check your credit. Whether you have good credit, bad credit, and even no credit, as long as you meet our income requirements, you can be on your way to home ownership.

You Pick The Home

With funding limits up to 490,000 we allow you to choose any home that you want to buy, new or resale, as long as you have a minimum of 15% down.



Don’t wait, owner finance your dream today.

  • Home Buyer

    Home Buyer

    WOW, HBI helped me purchase the home of my dreams. 1.5 acres in Boerne, Texas. It’s hard to purchase a home in Boerne, much less get a great deal. HBI Group, Inc. was able to get us a home for $150,000.00 that eventually appraised for $260,000.00.Thanks to the entire HBI team. - Lauren

  • Home Buyer 2

    Home Buyer 2

    The HBI team is awesome. They helped me purchase a home in the Houston area for $140,000.00 that eventually appraised for $250,000.00. We love our home and are proud to be living the American dream. I had no other way to purchase a home until I found HBI Group, Inc.  HBI, my family is grateful…

  • Home Buyer 3

    Home Buyer 3

    HBI Group, Inc. offers a variety of programs to meet their customer’s needs. I was able to purchase a $295,000.00 home with 30% down and reduce my interest rate by 2%. I have a beautiful home with a fixed rate, no balloon and no prepayment period. Best of all, I have the deed in my…

  • Home Buyer 4

    Home Buyer 4

    I am planning on making it from the bottom to the top, thanks to HBI Group, Inc. I purchased my home for $138,000.00 and it appraised for $208,000.00. I was living in a one bedroom apartment with my wife and four children. Our furniture was a dining table and mattress on the floor. Every attempt…

  • Home Buyer 5

    Home Buyer 5

    Thanks to HBI, my family is happy. We purchased our home for $120,000.00 and it appraised for $300,000.00. I was able to complete the rehab work just the way we imagined. Our home, our way! – Willie

More about us…

Our Values

Zig Ziglar, a famous coach and national speaker, coined this powerful phase, “Get what you want by helping others get what they want.” This is a very power concept that works and it’s the cornerstone of our company.  Millions of hard working families in America cannot qualify for a traditional home loan and would like to get owner financing on their home of choice. At the same time, investors would like to make a consistent, predictable return with strong collateral. HBI Group strategically joins the two groups of people to create mutually beneficial investments for all parties.

You Work Hard, You Deserve It

We understand that things happen to your credit, but we know you still work hard. The credit system in America is broken with 90% of homebuyers unable to qualify for a home loan. We don’t take advantage of you because of your credit situation. We treat all clients fairly and equally using income-based funding rather than credit-based funding to approve you. A private investor that has been trained with our proven system will buy your home of choice and owner finance it to you.


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